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Solar Tech South to Lead in Local Energy Economy

 February 10, 2009

Chapel Hill,  N.C. — Solar Tech South, a new company focused on customized installation of premium integrated solar energy systems, will open its doors this week.

Based in Chapel Hill, Solar Tech South offers integrated photovoltaic and thermal solar systems customized to fit each client's energy needs. Partnered with Schuco, a world-leading manufacturer of German engineered solar energy technology, Solar Tech South systems are virtually maintenance-free and are fully warranted for up to 25 years.

“Converting residences and businesses to solar energy is a win-win solution. Solar is a smart move for the environment, for your quality of life and for your wallet,” said Markus Wilhelm, President and CEO of Solar Tech South.

According to the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association, with recent improvements in state and federal tax incentives, customers will be reimbursed for up to 65% of the installed cost of a solar energy system. Taking into account tax credits and the cash value of power generation, most customers will see their solar investment turn into a positive cash flow right away.

“These tax credits make solar energy an increasingly viable and financially savvy move for home and business owners alike,” said Wilhelm. “North Carolina is a frontrunner in U.S. alternative energy policy and Solar Tech South is prepared to deliver the best solar technologies on the market.”

Solar panels have the additional benefit of increasing a home's value by decreasing monthly utility bills. According to the National Appraisal Institute, for every $1 reduction in annual utility bills, a homeowner can increase their property value by $20 without increasing property taxes.

With climate change, dependence on foreign oil and renewable energy production as keystone issues in President Obama's administration, Solar Tech South is positioned to be a leader in the new energy economy, said Wilhelm.

“There is a growing demand for solar energy across this country and this region. We are pleased to play a role in the growth of this vital industry,” said Jochen Wilms, Senior Vice President Member of the Executive Board, Schuco International KG. “We are delighted to partner with Solar Tech South in offering the latest solar technologies.”

Wilms recently visited Chapel Hill to meet with Solar Tech South executives and finalize launch logistics. Based in Germany, Schuco has been manufacturing and delivering complete solar energy systems across the globe, and has been in business for more than 55 years.

Solar Tech South will be hosting a series of events over the next several weeks to introduce their services, and to educate the community about Schuco solar systems and the benefits of solar energy.

For more information on Solar Tech South, visit www.solartechsouth.com. For more information about Schuco's state-of-the-art solar energy products, visit www.schuco-usa.com.