Hurricane Ian


UPDATE: 30SEP22 1442 EST

All Strata offices and locations (Durham HQ, Warehouse, Cottage) are shutting down at 3pm today. All employees can head home early at that time. The wind is starting to pick up and we want to ensure everyone can drive home safely.



UPDATE: 29SEP22 1400 EST

***This message is intended for all Strata personnel working from Durham HQ, Strata Warehouse, and Strata Cottage locations.​​​ All O&M & EPC field staff should have already received communication regarding work operations provided by our Safety department.***

We are closely monitoring hurricane Ian and it’s projected path forecasted to arrive in the Carolinas early Friday. While we recognize such weather has the potential to impact business operations at our HQ and other locations, we are maintaining a normal Friday schedule for now. If any employee has concerns about coming into work tomorrow due to potential hardships caused by hurricane Ian, please reach out to HR.

In order to improve the likelihood of reaching all of our employees with important information regarding business operations (including office closures) should things change, we’d like to remind you of the Strata Alert System and that we will transmit critical messages via all four of its channels simultaneously during any weather event which may impact our business.

Communication Channel #1: Email 

We will keep team members updated via their email address.

Communication Channel #2: SMS Messaging

We will push text updates to all employees using Trumpia® messaging services.

·  Employees must opt in to receive SMS alerts.

·  You can enroll by completing a short form via this link:

·  You can also enroll by texting “alert” to (877) 460-1587

Communication Channel #3: Manager Phone Trees

Managers should call and/or text employees to ensure that their direct reports are receiving messages and updates. This channel will also be used for operational organization within particular areas of the business. Please ensure your manager has your contact information.

Communication Channel #4: Strata Alerts Web Page

We will post updates to